Website Design Layout Considerations

Regarding your website design, layout plays a significant role in usability and functionality. It’s important to remember your audience when planning the layout. An overly-stimulating layout may detract from the message you’re trying to convey. Proper graphic elements will integrate images and text and improve your site’s appearance. Use beautiful colours and shapes to direct the attention of your visitors and make your website flow properly.

website design AdelaideSite navigation

The structure of a website’s site map provides a clear path to the different web pages that comprise the site. The site map lists the website’s main ideas or categories and defines which pages are included within the main ideas. Once these primary ideas have been defined, the site map determines which navigation items should be placed on the page. Site maps are important because they allow users to navigate different website pages efficiently.


While there are many ways to enhance a website, images are among the most effective. They capture a visitor’s attention and invoke strong emotions. Below are some examples of the best ways to use images on your website. These images are highly effective in building brand recognition and trust. But remember, not all images are created equal. So before incorporating them into your website design, make sure to do your research. Also, remember that not every photo will work for every site, so test several options before choosing the final one.

Colour scheme

When choosing a colour scheme for your website design, you must consider its purpose. It should meet the emotional needs of your prime demographic. For example, men are not attracted to purple and black evoke death. In the same way, light yellow or green insinuates frivolity. If you’re designing a site for a technology company, you should use a dark slate colour scheme to break up repetitive white space.

Text placement

When designing a website, there are many factors regarding text placement. Generally speaking, the text should be on a plain background. However, there are a few critical considerations regarding how to arrange your text. For starters, you should avoid placing large images in the middle of your content. It will disturb the user’s reading flow. Also, smaller images can be used as background graphics or placed inside containers.

Navigation bar

Creating a navigation bar that makes sense can be overwhelming if you have a website with many different sections. Fortunately, you can do a few things to make it look easy to navigate. First, learn what a navigation bar is. This list of links is often found in a sidebar or page header. It helps your visitors quickly jump to the section they’re interested in. Also, create a navigation bar with clear, easy-to-understand text.


You’ve probably heard about personas, but you might not know how to implement them in your website design. Personas are groups of customers who share similar goals and motivations. To develop your personas, interview members of each demographic group. Their views on your website will influence your content. These people may have different mentalities and preferences. Then, make your website design Adelaide reflect their preferences. It’s a powerful way to increase customer loyalty.


When choosing a website designer, the price will depend on your needed features and functions. Complex interfaces and extra pages added to the cost. You should clearly define the features and functions you need for your website before deciding on a price. If you plan, you can avoid surprises later on.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile users have a more difficult time making decisions when they’re faced with a variety of options. A split screen layout helps people choose the right product by displaying two separate sections. It makes it easier to navigate the site. It uses media queries to adjust the size of each page based on screen size. The site features 480px, 768px, and 1080px versions for different screen sizes.

Consider the layout. Choosing a layout that’s easy to navigate is critical to attracting visitors and retaining them. An overstimulating layout can send visitors packing. Make sure that navigation is easy to understand and consistent throughout your site. Many people read in an F-based pattern, which mimics our natural reading pattern in the West. Practical website design Adelaide will use a simple yet appealing layout that complements the natural scanning pattern of people on the web.

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