Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Weatherproof Switch Enclosure

A lot has changed in the past several years when it comes to buying and installing switch enclosures. The most significant improvement of all is the fact that most of them now come with weatherproof properties. It is no secret that an electrical outlet, switches, or power source located outside can be dangerous when subjected to moisture or water. Thankfully, manufacturers realised there was no point in creating an outdoor switch enclosure without weatherproof qualities.

However, do not assume that all variants you come across at your nearest home improvement or electrical store are the same. Some are relatively cheaper than the others, and the primary reason for the difference of the price is quality. You have the option to buy the least expensive of them all, but do not expect to get a high-quality weatherproof switch enclosure. Well, you can make use of the tips we listed below to get the ideal variety.

1 – You must first consider the environment or surroundings on where you plan on installing it.

Since we are talking about sensitive electronics, you must ensure anything you put outside has some reliable protection against the different elements found in your area. For instance, you need extra protection for your switch if you live near the beach because of the salty air and water. The same goes for a house that sits in the middle of a dusty area. Know that practically everything from ultraviolet rays, high humidity, airborne debris, and moisture can quickly destroy or compromise a low-quality enclosure.

2 – Be sure about the material construction.

Aside from the environment to where the weatherproof switch enclosure gets exposed, another factor to consider is the material construction. In the installation, think about how you are going to power what is inside it and how many holes you need. Keep in mind that the number of holes affects the level of weatherproofing the enclosure possesses.

It likewise is essential that you know the ambient temperature of your environment as well as the heat produced by the installed electronics. Know that the combined measurements of those two factors could lead to extremely high temperatures. As a result, a low-quality product could quickly give in, resulting in a disaster. Simply put, you need something that can withstand high temperatures since there are a handful of unpredictable elements from the outside.

You can go for outdoor switch enclosures made from metal like aluminium and stainless steel. Both are very effective regarding absorbing and conducting heat. Plastic compounds, on the other hand, are the best insulators. However, you should be aware that metal enclosures allow better heat dissipation compared to plastic. There is no such thing as the perfect type of outdoor switch enclosure since every scenario is different. It is a matter of understanding your unique situation.