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Every woman deserves a reward after a long day at work. After a day filled with activities and stress that your feet sometimes take note of, a nice pair of Vybe women’s slides can help relieve tired feet and give you the slip your feet need. Slip into women’s slides in the morning to unwind for a little treat or in the evening before you head out to celebrate with friends.


Your feet deserve a little treat after a long day at work. After a day filled with activities and stress that your feet sometimes take notice of, a nice pair of Vybe women’s slides is almost needed. Carry several pairs of sandals in your luggage to slip your tired feet into the cushioned, comfortable footbed of your Flip Flops for easy, fast comfort. Sandals are lightweight and pack away easily, so you can enjoy sandals the next time you hit the beach.


Women’s slides are designed to offer maximum comfort and maximum support while providing traction on the surface. Slip into sandals that have built-in straps for extra comfort and support. Slip your feet in and let the strap do all of the work as you cruise smoothly down the aisle in your favourite pair of flip flops. The soft plastic strap helps hold your sandals to your feet as you glide effortlessly down the aisle in comfort. You can wear sandals throughout the day without concern for discomfort or injury. They can also be worn for longer periods as needed.


Slip on adilette slides are designed to be comfortable and convenient. Slip on an adilette, and you are ready for a night on the town in style. The comfortable straps will keep your feet supported as you move around from place to place and dance. Adilette slides are also available in a variety of vibrant and fun patterns and colours. Choose one that fits in with your style and wardrobe.


One of the greatest features of the adilette slides is the slip-on design. This feature allows women to get the most out of their sandals. Women can choose from light or dark colours to create the look she wants and personalize their sandals with beads or other embellishments. In addition, each pair of sandals has a removable insert for carrying your cell phone, keys or cash and a pair of side opening straps for comfortable support.


The Vybe women’s slides feature a mid-calf design that is made to give you a snug fit. The design gives you the comfort and support you need when you are doing high impact exercises. The Eva outsole is designed to withstand heavy weights and is resistant to chipping and cracking. The Eva insole is made from a combination of rubber and polyurethane. The polyurethane allows for water-wicking and ultra-reliable traction on any surface. The cushioned footbed offers you ultimate comfort and makes your flip flops more comfortable.

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