The Dangers of a Tree Stump – 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Overlook Stump Removal

Have you tried removing a tree in your backyard? Did you call a professional tree removal service? If so, did you wonder why they left the tree stump behind? You’ve probably asked this question to them and already have an answer to it. But just in case you didn’t; it’s because tree stump removal is meant for another type of service. Dealing with a stump is a job for your local stump removal Sydney service. So, that means removing a tree requires you to hire two separate services – one for the main tree, and the other for the stump. Some people tend to overlook tree stump removal. If you’re one of them, we’d like you to know that you’re making a mistake. Tree stump removal is just as necessary and essential as an actual tree removal service. In this article, we’re going to tell you why this is that case.

stump removal SydneyIt Will Turn into a Tripping Hazard

If you haven’t been paying attention to you, time will come when it will become a tripping hazard. You might, one day, go outside and notice that your stump has disappeared. You might think that the outdoor conditions disintegrated it. But that’s actually not the case. Your stump is still there – covered in thick moss or grass. You and your family can potentially trip on it, so make sure you have it removed before it causes any trouble.

A Home for Pests & Wild Animals

Dead stump is the perfect breeding spot for unwanted pests like termites, crickets, cockroaches, and other pests. It can also be the resting place for wild animals such as rats, raccoons, and even snakes. Make sure your outdoor space is safe by calling for stump removal Sydney to remove your tree stump.

Space Eater

A tree stump limited the functionality and space in your yard. With a stump lying in the middle of your grounds, it can limit the amount of activities that you can do outside. You can play backyard cricket with your kids. Outdoor parties will become dangerous with a stump. You also can’t extend your outdoor living space without dealing with the stump. That’s why as early as possible, you should have it removed. Call professional stump removal services to make sure your stump is extracted from your property.

Tree stump removal Sydney service is all you need to call to ensure that your stump is entirely removed. Call one today! Visit our website now to get a full list of top stump removal companies in your area.


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