Why Removing a Stump is Beneficial for the Property Owner?

Most homeowners who decide to remove a tree on their property will leave the stump behind. While it looks harmless at first, the reality is that there are no positive benefits of letting that stump remain. Numerous potential issues could take place if you fail to acknowledge the importance of stump removal Queensland, including the following:

1 – The stump could grow back and become a tree once again.

Whether you believe it or not, unremoved tree stumps can trigger new growth of trees around it. Since the tree is still living it can even cause other trees to form around it. However, leaving a tree stump could cause more significant issues more than the original tree did in the sense that you will be dealing with some smaller trees growing ending you up with another set of removal process all over again. Thus, if you don’t want to face continuous regrowth issues, don’t think twice to remove the stumps out of your property along with the tree.

2 – Tree stumps are an ideal habitat for insects and pests.

Tree stumps are a breeding haven for insects and pests. Carpenter ants, grasshoppers and termites are only some of the insects that see stumps as their home to grow and multiply. If you cut down your tree and leave the stump, no doubt, you are creating a home for insects. If this happens, you will deal with costly insect removal more than any tree maintenance you may have. Therefore, to prevent unwanted pests from staying within your area, it is best to remove the stump immediately.

3 – If you keep the stump on your property, it’ll become an eyesore.

Tree stumps significantly reduce the appeal of your property. If the stump is noticeable to neighbours, it might violate some homeowner’s association rules. In some severe cases, unsightly stumps present in your property can dramatically reduce the overall value of your property as well. Stumps can appear to be ugly to potential buyer eyes as well as to your neighbours. Don’t wait until some of your neighbours summons you to remove the stumps, instead have a self will and do what is right which is to hire a stump removal Queensland professional to get rid of it for good.

4 – The stump occupies space that you otherwise can use for better purposes.

Lastly, if you wish to have more space in your yard to make way for your next home project, removing the tree stump is the best decision to make. Not only you are creating physical space, but you are also increasing the area in which your garden can grow grass and more. Undoubtedly, if you eradicate the tree stump out of your yard, the value of your property will automatically increase.