Mannix Split System Air Conditioner – The Ideal Choice

Split system air conditioner systems, coupled with a gas furnace, will give year-round protection against temperature fluctuations. This is especially true if you live in the Southern States where temperatures rarely get below freezing and where humidity is always high. A split air conditioning system heat pump system is therefore preferred over a regular split air conditioning system due to the better weather conditions it offers. Professional technicians can also install a heat pump system, or you can purchase the components yourself to install yourself. Visit Mannix for the best split system air conditioners.

split-system-air-conditioner The split air conditioning system heat pumps are generally located within the unit itself and are connected to the ducts to the house. The heat pumps are used as the primary source of air conditioning, while the air conditioners act as backup units. A regular split air conditioning system would have its ducts connected to the house while the heat pumps would have their ducts connected to the ground, and they would be connected to the air conditioners through the ground. These ducts may also have a connection to the furnace and the ducts from the furnace would then connect back to the split air conditioning system heat pumps.

The only thing you need to consider in such a setup is that if there are condensation problems in the ducts due to condensation build-up, you may not be able to heat your home fully and you may experience condensation in the air as well. However, this is not an issue in split air conditioning systems since the heat pump units use evaporative air cooling to reduce condensation buildup, which makes it impossible to be maintained effectively in these situations. Visit Mannix for the best split system air conditioners.

Split system air conditioner systems are ideal for those who want to minimize costs, and they also have very few components to maintain. The system heats the air inside the house when it is necessary and then cools it down when it is not. A heat pump system is very much efficient as it works on the principle of conservation of energy, and a heat pump can work effectively even at room temperature. A heat pump system is also able to make use of free power, thus making it more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. Even when the system is operated at room temperature, the cold air is still cooled by the air conditioners because the unit uses a fan to circulate the warm air from one side of the house to another and hence a great deal of heating is saved. Visit Mannix for the best split system air conditioners.

For those people who want to use this type of system in combination with a central air conditioning unit in their house, installing two split air conditioning systems are recommended. This is because the system can reduce the energy consumption of the unit while also increasing its efficiency. The two systems work in unison and as one unit and as a result, save on cooling costs for the homeowner.

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