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Liberty Speech Pathology is an independent pediatric practice in Adelaide’s North East, which provides diagnosis and treatment for children aged up to 18 years. Our speech pathologists are part of a network of specialists who work closely with children at risk of learning difficulties. Our speech pathologist residents are dedicated to providing quality patient care through exceptional educational and therapeutic services. Our committed and skilled team strives to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction and create a strong rapport with each patient.

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Many children have speech and language issues, and early intervention must be provided to stave off any complications. It is where speech pathology Adelaide comes into play. SASHC speech pathology can provide diagnostic and preventive care while also offering therapy to address issues that can be corrected or managed. In addition, with the use of sophisticated diagnostic tools, speech pathology can help diagnose communication problems and manage them, so they do not cause problems elsewhere. One such tool is an audiologist.


An audiologist is a SASHC speech pathology professional with a graduate degree and is registered with the Australian Academy of Speech Pathology. They are trained to detect and report issues with the voice, including hoarseness and laryngeal damage. In addition, these professionals can assess the patient’s voice, giving them a digital read-out of their speaking ability. If this reading indicates a problem with the voice, the audiologist will refer the patient to a speech pathologist for further analysis and treatment. The speech pathology resident can then work closely with the audiologist, participating in several treatment options, depending on the findings.


The voice can be tested for abnormalities with a series of tests performed before the speech pathology resident begins treatment. One such test is a basic auditory performance test or ATAP. With headphones, the voice can be tested for pitch, timing, range, and breathing qualities. The results will provide the speech pathology resident with a baseline measurement of the child’s speaking voice, helping them tailor treatments.


Another tool that the SASHC speech pathology resident uses is a digital voice analysis device or DVAS. Using a computer, the specialist loads speech pathology software compatible with the DVR, which records the children’s voices at different times and in various situations. These recordings are then sent to the speech pathology Adelaide professional for evaluation and treatment. For example, the DVR can be used to test the patient’s fluency in English and their comprehension and pronunciation of speech. Once the appropriate DVR recordings have been made, the patient can return to the practice or office of the audiologist for a consultation.


While these methods are relatively inexpensive, the clinical expertise of speech pathologists is priceless. It is why it is essential to choose a board-certified specialist who has a background in speech pathology. Board certification and training credentials should be obtained from recognized agencies in the speech science field. While speech pathologists can learn the technical aspects of speech therapy, their knowledge of human behaviour makes them so effective. Board certification provides the professional an added advantage for clients seeking assistance for their child’s speech disorders.


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