Is SA Physio The Right Treatment For You? Five Signs To Find Out

Physiotherapy has been around for as long as you can remember. It’s an effective treatment that continues to see relevance up to today. However, some people are sceptical about it since they’ve gotten used to being treated using synthetic medicine and surgeries. It’s normal to feel that way, but if you’re unsure whether SA physio is the right treatment for you, here are five signs for you to find out:


Balance and Coordination

Does your body feel imbalanced? Are you unable to keep your body in the right position? The inability to balance and coordinate the body is called disequilibrium. Many factors cause it. Fortunately, that can be solved with physiotherapy. This treatment helps retain your body and keep you from falls and mishaps in the future.


Pain Won’t Go Away

If you’ve been from chronic neck or back pain, and perhaps a few sprains and strains, muscle weakness or any imbalances in your body, it’s time you head to your physiotherapy clinic for a checkup. Pain can come and go; but if it stays for long, then you need a physiotherapist to help you ease the pain.


Mobility Issues

A single injury can potentially cripple you and render you unable to move a muscle. If you’re suffering from a fracture or a dislocation, then you’ll know precisely what and how it feels like to have one part of your body not functioning well. Once this happens, you should get help from your local SA physio clinic.


Pain in Various Areas of Your Body

There are times when the point of an injury isn’t the point of the pain. You may have some weak parts in your body that you don’t know. If you do have pain your body yet you can’t attribute it to a specific accident or incident; it can be related to another part of your that was injured before. Whatever you may be experiencing in your body, know that physiotherapy is an effective solution that can help solve all of the pain in your body.


Sleeping Problems

Finally, no doubt, experiencing pain in various parts of your body can affect your quality of sleep. Whether you have a back or neck pain, or any other chronic pain that you feel in your body, all of that will contribute to your sleeping woes. Fortunately, physiotherapy is there to help you achieve quality sleep again.



Don’t let pain govern your life. Go to a SA physio clinic now and have them take care of you. Call out hotline now to book an appointment.

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