Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon on Robotic Knee Surgery

Why choose robotic knee surgery centre Adelaide over traditional knee surgery? Because this type of technology can offer a much faster recovery time than the former. This is particularly beneficial to athletes and those who play sports. The amount of time that is involved in rehabilitation can vary significantly depending on many factors. One of these factors is the type and function of the tissue around the knee.

If there is not a large amount of damage to the knee joint, the body’s natural process will repair the knee. Sometimes this repair process can take years. With traditional treatments, it is important to fix tears or holes in the tissue around the knee. This is when a doctor can make a huge difference in the time it takes for the knee to heal.

robotic-knee-surgery-centre-adelaideUsing a robotic knee surgery centre Adelaide, the surgeon can ensure that only the damaged tissue around the knee is operated upon. This minimises any additional damage to the tissue and also speeds up the process of healing. Using a high tech camera and surgical bot, the surgeon can navigate the movements necessary to repair the knee. Once the damage has been corrected, the tissue is repositioned. This allows the body to resume its normal functioning again.

Traditional doctors often use traditional equipment. These pieces of equipment are very detailed and complicated. They require a lot of training to master how to use them. The movements of the robot used in the robotic knee surgery centre Adelaide are very smooth and easy to handle. This is an ideal situation for patients as they do not have to worry about learning complex movements and can put the robot’s weight on their knee and not feel any discomfort.

Besides, the results are often quicker with robotic technology than with traditional techniques. This is especially true when it comes to incisions. Since the robotic technique does not require as much detail, the recovery time is considerably reduced. This can also reduce scars or bursitis that can occur with more traditional treatments. Patients may also find it to be less painful. The traditional method of stitching up the knee requires incisions, which often leave scars or bursitis behind.

Before deciding their knee replacements, patients should consult with their orthopedic surgeon. They will determine if the benefits of a robotic procedure are enough to encourage them to choose this option over the traditional treatment. Only their professional opinion should be used in making this decision.

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