Proven Advantages of Lanap Surgery for the Treatment of Gum Disease

You are not the only one suffering from periodontal (gum) disease. Millions of adults here in Australia currently have some form of gum disease. Plaque is the primary or root cause of periodontal disease. However, age, genetics, stress, excessive tobacco use, drugs and poor health are other factors that may affect the health of your gums as well.

lanap surgery near mePeriodontal diseases come in different forms. It ranges from simple gum inflammation to severe illness which eventually results in major damage to the bone that supports the teeth and soft tissue. The way you take care of your teeth and gums every day, from this point forward contributes to how you can slow or stop your gum disease.

Keep in mind that your gum disease can advance to periodontitis and inflammation around the tooth when not treated immediately. In periodontitis, pockets or the gums pulled away from the teeth and form spaces can become infected. As the plaque spreads and begins to grow below the gum line, the body’s immune system fights the bacteria. Take note that the bone and connective tissue holding the teeth in place will then start to break down as it is the bacterial toxins and the body’s natural response to infection.

If you keep it untreated, you may eventually have to remove your teeth, and you are only further damaging your bones, gums, and tissue that support the teeth. Fortunately, numerous ways are now available in treating gum disease. However, it doesn’t mean that all possible solutions will work for you.

Moreover, surgery is one of the traditional gum disease treatments. However, it is a very painful option for patients. With traditional surgery, the gum tissue is cut with the use of a scalpel so it can be pulled back. By doing so, the periodontist can remove both the plaque and tartar from the tooth successfully. Sadly, traditional surgery for gum disease is invasive and painful. Not only that but after the surgery, it will require considerable healing time.

Thankfully, there is LANAP that serves as a much better and modern alternative to surgery. Aside from being the only FDA-approved laser treatment for periodontal disease, the LANAP protocol offers numerous benefits as well compared to traditional gum surgery. It doesn’t require cutting or sutures, which mean that this method gives patients less pain and more successful treatment.

Before you start your search for a lanap surgery near me, you must understand first that the doctor will give you local anaesthesia to make the area numb. Then, between the gum and tooth, a tiny laser that is no thicker than three human hairs is inserted. It is used to clear away any infections or diseases.

Then, the roots of the tooth will be free from any tartar and plaque after the area is clear of both disease and decay. So after it is successfully done, the laser will be utilised again on a different setting to seal the pocket effectively.

Additionally, when it comes to bone regeneration and connective reattachment of the treated tissue, the LANAP protocol has much better long-term results and is more predictable.

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