Tips for a Summer-Proof Home

Summer is the most exciting season, but it is also that time of the year when high temperatures bring stress to homeowners. You can only enjoy summer stay-cations if you ensure that the home is ready for heatwaves. Whether you’re looking into Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide or you’re in search of thinner curtains, this article will help you find ways to keep the house cool during summer.

  1. Plant Trees


Trees are a great way to help improve the temperatures of your property as a whole. This idea will work great for your outdoor spaces. A garden with lots of trees will help shade your family from the blistering summer sun. Trees will also serve as a protective cover for your poolside activities.


  1. Install the Right AC System


Whether you already have an existing AC system or you’re still looking into one, you should consider Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide. Many homeowners in Australia use this system to keep them comfortable in summer.


Ducted AC systems are more efficient not just in energy use but also in overall performance compared to other air conditioning sets. They are also more affordable than split systems. Furthermore, this system can be used for heating when winter comes around.


  1. Take Down Thick Curtains


A few weeks before summer are the best times to shop for thinner curtains. You may want to consider blinds instead of curtains so you won’t feel like the house is too crowded.


  1. Clear the House


Clear the entire house of furniture and bulky items that you don’t really use that much. Bring them to the basement during summer and take them out only when necessary or before winter. A “crowded” house can be more uncomfortable when temperatures are high.


  1. White Roof


Painting the roof white is a trend in the west during the summer months. Scientific studies reveal that a white-painted roof will bring down energy costs since the roof will bounce back both heat and light away from home.


When you use dark paint for your roof, the air conditioning system will be pressed to work extra hard than usual. White roofing paint will ease the burdens of your home’s energy systems.


  1. Bring in Some Plants


Indoor plants will improve the coolness of your home even if windows are closed. They will also brighten up your living room and other areas of the house. Since you’ll be moving some bulky furniture to the basement, plants can help make your home look full without making you feel warm.


Even during high-temperature weeks, you can still enjoy the shelter of your home through a reliable air conditioning system and the simple cooling methods provided above.

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