What You Expect to Receive from a Chiropractor

Most of the people believe that chiropractors are only useful in treating conditions relating to neck and back pain alone without knowing that there is plenty else they can do. The focus of chiropractic medicine is the disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and how it can significantly affect the rest of the body. Many people fail to recognise that most of the professional chiropractors also have some other areas of learning. Areas such as paediatrics, clinical nutrition, neurology, orthopaedics, physical rehabilitation, sports or athletic injury and acupuncture are only some of the postgraduate training and board certifications that a certified chiropractor possesses.

Chiropractors are mainly specialists for musculoskeletal injuries even though they learn about the whole body. Anything outside of this realm is better to be dealt with by medical doctors. Today, we enumerate some significant reasons that will explain why you should see a chiropractor.

  1. Lower Back Pain

To get immediate treatment for lower back pain is, of course, one of the apparent reasons why you see a chiropractor as it is the cornerstone of what they do. A chiropractor – www.adelaidechiropractor.com.au is capable of doing manipulations to the sacroiliac joint which connects the pelvis to the lowest part of the spine, relieving the back pain. One of the effective ways to remove scar tissues from muscles and which relieves pain is Active Release Technique which only some chiropractors are certified to do so.

  1. Digestive System Problems

Digestion is significantly linked to both the nerves in the thoracic or chest and abdominal region of the spine. A study is conducted to a group of 27 people who had chronic abdominal pain and found out that almost 70% of them reveal evidence of a thoracic disc herniation which is a complication in the area between the spinal bones. And the more shocking is that two-thirds of those patients who are diagnosed with herniated disc had been previously detected with IBS.  It is not the only spinal issue that can cause severe stomach problems because there is more. Digestive issues like bloating, heartburn, and gas can be caused by improper alignment of thoracic vertebrae which sends erratic impulses to both the stomach and intestines.

  1. Pregnancy-Related Pain

In times of pregnancy, aches and pains go hand-hand. The top reason why pregnant women tend to see a chiropractor is the lower back pain and sciatica they feel due to improper pelvic alignment. The options expecting mothers have to reduce the amount of pain are extremely limited. Although many treatments are available such as medications or surgery, it is not advisable for pregnant women as it can potentially affect the fetus. That’s the reason why pregnant women often turn to the services of chiropractic care. Also, according to a recent study, chiropractic care is also significantly helpful in decreasing the incidence of back labour.

  1. Frequent Headaches

A chiropractor – www.adelaidechiropractor.com.au can dramatically help if the neck and upper back pain are to blame for headaches. They use manipulation and massaging techniques that substantially helps in loosening up the muscles relieving the headache. And many individual studies prove that chiropractic care is indeed helpful in eliminating this problem.

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