Buying a Lightsaber From Australia

If you’re looking to buy a lightsaber, you’ve come to the right place. AUSSABERS is an Australian company that sells all kinds of light swords and has excellent customer service. They also offer reasonable prices on high-quality products. Read on to learn more about this Australian company and how you can get one. Then, decide which one you want to buy! I’ve listed a few different places where you can find one.

lightsaber AustraliaHasbro

The Hasbro lightsaber Australia is a very detailed, officially licensed replica. It has 80 LEDs and an absolute metal hilt. The Lightsaber features Battle FX combat sounds and Molten FX for melting surfaces. This product also includes a collector’s stand for display. This item is one of the market’s most durable officially licensed toys. Here are a few reasons it’s the best option for your little fan!

The blades of a lightsaber are very stiff but easy to extend and retract. Unlike the old toys, they don’t fold into the hilt. Instead, the base of the blade sticks out about half a foot. That means you can whack things and feel like a Jedi. The lightsabers are perfect for LARP or roleplay. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Hasbro’s Invictus V2

The AusSabers Invictus V2 is a lightweight and durable lightsaber inspired by the original Invictus. Its hilt has three rows of pinhole windows and two blade retention screws. It measures approximately 28mm across and has a 33mm grip, and it’s easy to store and disassemble and features a shine-through hole, raised rings, and two sound holes near the pommel. It will be released in early 2022.

The Invictus V2 lightsaber is one of the most popular licensed Star Wars products available today. This toy is made of 80 LEDs and an absolute metal hilt. It features real-life combat sounds, and the Lightsaber can simulate various movie effects like melting surfaces. You can customize it with the accessories that come with it or buy them separately.

Hasbro’s Dark Saber

While we are still awaiting the release of The Mandalorian, Hasbro continues their push into the Star Wars universe. Earlier this year, we saw the debut of Baby Yoda and a display featuring toys from The Mandalorian. Now, the company is introducing the Darksaber, a toy inspired by the iconic Star Wars weapon. The Darksaber has many similarities to the original Jedi lightsaber, including its crystal that served as a conduit for the Force.

The Mandalorian Darksaber is a classic lightsaber Australia that represents strength and leadership. It features a black energy blade with a crackling white edge. In addition, it includes a barrel plug, hex key tool, stand, instructions and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. The battery required for the Lightsaber is a 3.7V 2600mAh LiPo cell.


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Hasbro’s Ultra Sabers

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality lightsaber or a light-up replica, Hasbro’s Ultra Sabers in Australia are worth considering. These sabres are combat-ready, durable, and have the loudest soundboard of any lightsaber on the market. They are also designed to be easily disassembled for parts replacement and storage. And if you’re looking for great value for your money, check out Pach Store, where you can build your custom lightsaber for under $100. They also sell props and replicas of the original Star Wars movies.