What is Included in a Building Inspection?

A building inspection is an inspection done by a building inspection specialist, an individual employed by either a town, county or state and is qualified in one or more fields pertaining to building inspection to make informed decisions on whether a structure meets building code requirements legitimately. When the property is inspected for a home, the home owner uses the building inspection report to make repairs and make changes to prevent future problems. In the case of apartment buildings and commercial buildings, the purpose of the inspection report is to identify areas of concern, issues, and areas that are of most significant concern to the property owner to make appropriate repairs.

bayside-building-inspectionsOne of the main reasons people choose to have an inspector like Bayside-Building-Inspections to perform an inspection is to find out if structural defects would require immediate repairs. In some cases, the inspector is hired to look into the possibility of a building owner wanting to use an asbestos cleaning product without having it tested to determine if it is safe to do so. Another example of when this may be necessary is if the roof needs to be replaced due to age or constant exposure to rain and snow. This is also a perfect time to have an inspection done because inspectors are trained to spot problems and defects that may not otherwise be detected.

Before you start your pre-purchase property inspection with Bayside-Building-Inspections, you will need to copy the current building inspections on file with your local building authority. The copies of past inspection reports can be found in the property management offices, sometimes referred to as building maintenance offices. Once you have these reports, go through them and follow the instructions for getting a copy of the current building inspections and the corresponding reports. Having this information available when you begin the inspection process will allow you to have an expert assume the role of determining if a building is up to code. This is especially important because some counties and towns require building inspections to be performed annually or even semi-annually. If your county does not require an annual inspection, having the building inspections done when they are due will allow you to ensure your building will pass check and remain in compliance.

A pest inspection aims to identify the presence of pests or what is known as structural pest infestation. A qualified pest inspection report provides significant insight into the health and safety conditions of a commercial or residential property. To meet both of the Australian Standard’s requirements for building inspection and the safety requirements of the Australian Standard for Pest Inspection the building inspectors will require information about the interior of the property, the exterior of the property and surrounding vegetation. The pest inspection report provides recommendations for preventative management and remediation steps. These steps include eliminating the existing pest colony, identifying multiple entry routes for the pest and locating and treating all identified problems or their eggs.

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