5 Signs That You Need Roof Repair Right Away

The roof is one of the most important yet massively overlooked parts of your house. It also tends to get a beating from too much exposure to the harsh outdoor conditions. Which is why it will require repairs and maintenance at some point in time. The question now is, ‘when?’ When are you supposed to call for Roof Repair – oldportroofing.com.au services? In this article, we compiled five signs that indicate the need for roof repairs:


Curled, Cracked, or Missing Shingles


The most obvious indications of a roof that needs repairs are the status of your shingles. Check your roof for any missing, cracked, or curled shingles; If you spot more than one, then you’re roof needs a serious repair job.


Dark, Dirty, or Wet Singles


Speaking of shingles, you should also consider the ones that are dark in colour, dirty, and are always wet. If you shingles are allowing moisture to be trapped, they aren’t doing their job right. They will also get damaged easily with constant moisture. The water should be able to run down your roof. But if it gets trapped, you need to repair that problem right away, or it will result in unwanted roof leaks.


Wear and Tear around Roof openings and Objects


Pipes, vents, chimneys and other components that penetrate your roof are places where potential deterioration may start to develop. In most cases, the fixes can be confined to these specific areas. Make sure you check these openings for any possible wear and tear and have them fixed right away.


Blistering or Peeling Exterior Paint


A poorly ventilated attic will result in moisture buildup or increased humidity near your roofline. This situation can cause roof paint to peel or blister prematurely. It can also be an indication that your gutter system is failing. Make sure your attic is well ventilated and check your gutter system if it’s working correctly.


Leaks in the Attic after a Rainstorm


If rain quickly gets into your attic, it’s an indication that you need to replace some flashing. However, if the main reason is a porous underlayment, then you might need a complete roof replacement.



When you check your roof for the first time, you will find one or all of these problems. So make sure you don’t waste time by calling your local Roof Repair – oldportroofing.com.au firm right away for a comprehensive checkup.

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