Retaining Walls QLD Care and Maintenance Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind

Many landscaping features require their fair share of care and maintenance and retaining walls QLD are no different. For your retaining wall to serve its purpose longer, you need to take good care of it. In this article, we’re going to show you the different maintenance tips that you can use and follow to make sure your retaining wall will overcome all the outdoor elements and stand the test of time.


Ground Cover Growth


Ground cover growth is important for re-routing and absorbing water along your retaining wall. If the cover fails to thrive or is washed away by strong currents of water, you need to replace it. That’s also the reason why you need to check on it from time to time. It will cover any bare spots, replacing them with new grass or sod covering.


Weed Control


Small weeds can become a significant problem for retaining walls. By penetrating through small crevices or little open spaces, they can hinder the quality and durability of your wall. Try to remove any visible weeds as much as you can. Consider spraying your walls with vegetation control products to prevent potential regrowth.


Movement Considerations


Your retaining wall is holding off significant pressures of soil. There will come a time when it will start to move. Any signs of movement that have taken place are important to keep in mind. These include potential bulging or settling in your wall materials, which need to be corrected to maintain your wall’s integrity. If the issue is near the base of the wall, this may require refilling of the base with additional substantial and un-stacking of the wall. Talk to your retaining walls QLD maintenance service provider before making any potential changes to your wall.




Watering Your Wall


The simple manner of watering your retaining walls every day will help prevent its materials from drying out completely, which will contribute to potential cracks and damages that will hinder its durability and overall quality. When it’s summer or the dry season, you should consider watering your retaining wall every day. However, it will depend on the retaining wall you have. If you have timber or stone retaining walls, you don’t have to water it.


For more maintenance tips and tricks, visit our website today. Learn more about how you can take care of your retaining wall by watching our video guide on how to take care of retaining walls QLD. You can access our video on our blog page.


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