Palm Tree Removal: When Is The Time to Finally Get Rid of It?

Back in the day, you were quite ecstatic about finally seeing the palm tree you just planted to grow to its full potential. You wanted to have one because you see some of your neighbours improving the look of their outdoor spaces with the addition of the palm tree. For years, you enjoyed the benefits, including added shade, enhanced outdoor aesthetics, and a refreshing feel. Then again, all things will come to an end, and your love story with the palm tree is no exception.

There are reasons why you should contemplate on palm tree cutting Gold Coast one of these days. Removing it is something you do not look forward to, but it has to be done. At this point, you probably wonder when’s the right time to cut or remove your palm tree.

1 – You cut or remove the tree when it is dying.

When a palm reaches the end of its life, there no longer is a valid reason to keep it. Like all of us, the tree will face the end of its life, but you cannot allow it to deteriorate on its own. When you notice the signs, you cannot risk ignoring them since there is an increased chance of it falling unto your property or someone who happens to pass by. Dying or dead trees are something you must remove right away since it is unstable and may collapse at any time without warning. If that happens, it might cause severe damage to your property or worse; it could injure or kill someone.

2 – The tree has become massive enough to the point that it already is a threat to your house.

Palm tree cutting Gold Coast is necessary when it has grown too massive and tall. If you live in a region or place where the weather could get extreme at any point, you do not want a tall tree beside your house since it might give in to the pressure of strong winds and heavy rain, leading to a collapse. A palm tree falling on your roof, fence, or vehicle could do severe damage.

3 – You must cut or remove the palm tree when it is diseased.

It is true that a diseased palm tree is something you can fix if you respond by treating it right away. Nevertheless, there are situations in which the disease has devoured pretty much all of the trees to the point that you have zero reasons to keep it. The thing is a tree with a disease is something you must get rid of if you do not want the problem to spread to other trees and plants on your property. The great news is you can tap the services of a professional to do the hard work of cutting or removing the tree.

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