Direct Vent Gas Wall Furnace – The Advantages & Benefits

Once the cold season or cold weather comes, the last thing you want to deal with is a cold and chilly home. To combat this, you might sport some thick pyjamas and make some hot cocoa. But nothing beats snuggling beside a warm and cozy direct vent gas wall furnace, or in simpler terms, a direct vent fireplace. It’s much better than traditional chimneys as you can accurately control the amount of heat that you get. It’s an excellent addition to your home in preparation for the upcoming cold season. It works well if your location has a winter season. Here are some of the benefits of having a direct vent fireplace at home:


Safety Guaranteed


Unlike traditional chimneys, a direct vent gas wall furnace eliminates the need for you to insert a flue through the roof. That way, back drafting won’t be an issue. In addition to the excellent safety measure that a direct vent fireplace can provide, its vent pipes can be installed through the wall with a fire-caulked flange. That way, there won’t be any trouble with regard to any fire spills or a sudden fire accident since it features with fireproof materials.


Efficient Heating


Direct vent fireplaces acquire heat from natural burning gas or propane, just like traditional fireplaces. However, what differs between these heating systems is that the former converts most of the fuel to usable heat. They are also tightly sealed off from the interior room by a glass door, preventing any significant heat loss and ensuring maximum heating efficiency.




A direct vent fireplace is installed through the wall. You can position them in any room you want. If you don’t have enough wall space, you can choose the option to vent this fireplace upward through the roof. While direct vent fireplaces are usually shallow compared to traditional fireplaces, they are also available in many widths and heights. Take advantage of the versatility of this fantastic home feature. You can incorporate a direct vent fireplace that provides not only heat but aesthetic appeal to your living room or any part of your home.


Choose Direct Vent Fireplace Now!


Ditch your traditional fireplace and go for the modern and more effective direct vent gas wall furnace. It’s sleeker and more contemporary. Enjoy efficient heating during the winter and cold season while not worrying about any potential fire accidents. With the direct vent fireplace, that can be possible. Call your local installer and integrate one for your home today.

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