Do Swimming Pools Add Up Value To Your Home?

Whether you’re a 7-year-old kid or a 30-year-old adult, you’d certainly love to have a swimming pool at home. Who doesn’t want to come home and dip into the cold waters of a swimming pool after a long day at school or work? This outdoor feature may be a luxurious one, but it’s entertaining to have at home for those weekend afternoon dips or a Friday-night slumber party. A swimming pool is a brilliant addition to any home, and at Swimming Pools –, we will help create the best quality swimming pools for you. So if you’re planning to acquire a swimming pool for your home, here are some considerations that you need to look at:




As much as we love having a swimming pool at home, that desire will automatically disappear once your thoughts shift towards how much it will cost you. Swimming pools are expensive. It’s no wonder you can only see them in luxurious homes. A swimming pool is a costly project that requires much workforce and other services to build. So how does a pool add value to your home?


Add Up the Costs


It all begins with how much it will cost you to install a swimming pool. According to Swimming Pools –, the average cost to construct, equip, and fill a 600-square-foot swimming pool starts at roughly AU$35,000. You’ll also need to surround your pool with a fence, which is a requirement for some regions. Also, don’t forget the landscaping and lighting. Adding things up, you could potentially spend around an average of AU$60,000 to successfully pursue your swimming pool project. Just imagine how many family vacations you could pay for that kind of money – if you do have it.


Ongoing Costs


After you’ve successfully built your swimming pool, there another set of expenses that you need to pay to maintain your swimming pool:



  • Pump and heater. Having one could drive utility costs by at least AU$100 a month or so.


  • Professional Maintenance. Swimming pools suggests that you hire a professional to check and maintain your swimming pool quarterly. That will cost you AU$500 per visit.


  • DIY Maintenance. You will tend to pour chemicals if you plan on maintaining your pool. That will cost you about AU$600 a year. If you live in areas with a climate that requires you to use your pool all year round, it will cost you AU$15-20 a week for maintenance.


Should You Go For It?


So after everything that’s been said, does a swimming pool add value to your home? The answer is a resounding YES! However, you need to weigh in on the overall costs that you’re going to go through to achieve that majestic outdoor feature. Visit for more information on how you can get the most out of your swimming pools.