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Get the best pumps in the country! At Onga Pumps, we supply the best-quality pumps and tanks that fits with any type of home. All you have to do is visit our official website or call out hotline, and our expert company representatives will help you with all of your pumping-related needs.


Introducing Onga Pumps


Onga Pumps is an Australian pump supplier company dedicated to supplying its customers with the highest quality water pumps, tanks, and plumbing systems. We also sell our products at the lowest available price in the market, making us the most in-demand brand when it comes to water pump systems. We currently stock other major Australian brands such as Davey, Baldor, Liberty, Zoeller, Goulds, and more! Our expert plumbers and pump specialist are dedicated to providing you with the best products and services. Once you acquire our services, they will work closely with you to select the right equipment that is custom-fitted for your specific application.


At Onga Pumps, we strive hard to deliver the best products and the quickest, most efficient services, all at an affordable price. Hop over to our website now to know more about the company and what it can do for you.


Why Choose Us?


Onga Pumps is the nation’s leading supplier for the best quality pumps and tanks at the most affordable price ranges. That distinction alone can already give you a good reason to choose us as your pump supplier as well. We provide one of the largest selection of pumps, tanks, plumbing products, and installation services, all at a very affordable price. We also ship anywhere in the country. So even if you’re outside Adelaide, we can still reach you and provide the best water pump systems and services that you need. If so happens that we don’t have the item that you’re looking for, we can recommend you to our partner brands to give you more options on acquiring the highest-quality products.



Finally, when you purchase an item from Onga Pumps, our dedicated delivery team will make sure that you will receive your purchase on time or even earlier. We also won’t have to pay for any additional shipping charges.


Choose Onga Pumps Now!


At Onga Pumps, we’ll make sure that we provide the best quality pump products for your needs. Discover what else we can offer you! Visit our website now and go through our products and services pages to know the complete Onga Pumps experience.