Greetings my fellow crafters!
With the thought of May approaching, many of you know that it will be the end of my lease for my current space.  With this approaching, I have had to contemplate many many things.  Can I stay where I am? Answer to that is no.
When I chose to open my store here I was fulfilling a lifelong dream to have my own business.  Little did I know that not only had I achieved a dream, I also was so surprised and so blessed to have met so many amazing people that have enriched my life.  All of you have given me so much laughter and happiness, it seems we have known each other forever.  I have worked my you-know-what off to create such a wonderful environment for you, but no matter how hard I have worked, I struggle.  I struggle with the stress mostly.  I would love to be able to teach more, but cannot put anymore on my plate than I have.  I would like to write a couple of books and many patterns but have not one bit of free time to sit and start these things.  I would really like play my guitar; I really miss the music in my life!  I would like to have a vacation!  Of course these are all selfish wishes.  The bottom line is the space I am in is either going to somebody else that desperately wants it, or it is going to be turned into office space.  So many more things have collided at the same time in my life so sadly I have had to make the decision to not have a store front any longer.
I will still have an online website, new and updated!  I will also be working on a full calendar of many upcoming things, so stay tuned.  I am not completely out of your lives, I am just giving up the store and adding a little freedom to give my creative side a chance to soar! 
 If you have any gift cards unused, please use them up!

Lastly, from the bottom of my heart,  I thank each and every one of you for the support you have shown to your local fiber store.  I greatly appreciate all you have done for me in more ways than I can ever explain. And a thank you to my daughter Heather, Lisa (my cousin!) and Carey for all of your help over the past 3 years!

Warmly, Karen
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Casco Bay Fibers is a place where creativity is explored and lasting friendships are made. We carry an array of crafting and sewing supplies including fabric, yarn, seed beads, spinning fibers, felting supplies and more. Ask questions or brain storm ideas in our casual and pleasant atmosphere. At Casco Bay Fibers we are as passionate about our handiwork hobbies as you are.

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Store Front Closing!

After 3 years in business our lease is up and we are unable to keep our current location!  We will still be on line but will need to clear out our inventory!

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30% off all yarns, looms, spinning & felting supplies

30% off all knitting kits, & books

20% off all needles, notions, needle cases(excluding ChiaGoo: 15% off)

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This is an in store only sale! 


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